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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 5/Ash Wednesday/Happy Lunar New Year

Past the halfway mark for term, but honestly because I don't have many other commitments and my project isn't lab-based, I won't say I've been feeling week 5 blues. Took almost the whole weekend off last weekend, spending most of my time with friends. It's these friendships that prevent breakdowns and help one get through term/Cambridge, I think. And I'm so so glad as always to have such friends in my life.

I have caught some bug of sort though, so am feeling more sniffly/headachy than normal, and pushing myself to go for Ash wednesday mass at 8am and then some 4 hours of consecutive lectures (cos I'm #tookeen) then 3 hours of conservation talk/lectures (again #tookeen) was quite brutal. Still, I feel like I'm starting to get to grips with some of the lecture topics, and I've really been enjoying most of my lectures (especially mammalian evolution!) so I'm not really complaining.

Facebook and Whatsapp remind me that it's Lunar New Year, but as always, one can't really feel the 气氛(vibe?) here. I do have dinners with friends to look forward to, so it's not all too bad. I also realised that with the way things work out in the calendar, there is always a reason to reflect on life and what I should be doing. Academic year starts in October, actual Gregorian calendar year in January, and Lent is also a time for spiritual reflection which starts today. I can't say I've been sticking with my New Year's resolution particularly well, but well there's the Lenten season to try again.

Right back to productivity. Have a Happy Lunar New Year to friends who celebrate it, and a meaningful Lent to Christians.

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