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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Back to bouldering.

Finally went climbing again after more than a month. It's crazy, I used to climb at least twice a week, then at least once a week, and now, barely once a month?!? Climbing's gotten so out of my schedule that I barely even give a thought to it; in fact I was intending to go for a run today when (halfway through listening to presentations), I thought, why not go climb instead? Considering how much I think of myself a climber (or perhaps I can only use the past tense now?) and how I kept climbing at least once a week (or the very least a fortnight) through the first two years of uni here, it is quite incredible that I barely climb now and don't even think much of it. When I first met people who do climb a fair bit (up to competition standard), but barely do it now, I was incredulous that they could just stop. climbing. Now, I kinda see how that happens.

I guess my main focus and drive this year has really been my academics and everything kind of got sidelined, even climbing. It also doesn't help that the climbing gym in Cambridge at Kelsey Kerridge is rather crap. Not only is it a pure boulder gym, the routes set also aren't particularly inspiring.
The routes set are all meant for tall people. Genuinely. Image from betamonkeys website

- an hour passes by trawling through the comics on betamonkeys -

Anyway, it was unsurprisingly a rather horrendous session, I would like to attribute it to the recent change in routes in which apparently the grades got harder, but I definitely got weaker so :X On the bright side I can at least do some routes...

I shall end off with some palaeo climbing comics and pretend I've been revising.
How fish got onto land - with useful/not useful beta. Image from betamonkeys
Not a dyno fan but definitely a dino fan. Image from Steven Weinberg Studios

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