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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

lethality of writer's block during exams.

Less than a week to go to the start of exams. 13 essays in 5 papers and 5 days. I've gotten to the stage where I'm just so bored with studying (revision fatigue). Which is not to say that I already know everything, cos I still don't. I'm just tired of spending every waking moment reading papers, looking over notes, attempting to write essays and thinking about exams.

Attempting to write essays because I have been unable to write essays properly these few days. I painfully force myself to write, the words struggle to get out and the whole thing looks like a terrible 2:2 essay. If I don't get myself sorted by next week I'm screwed.

I'm already studying a science which has an excellent narrative, topics that fascinate both children and non-scientists. You'd think that would make essay-writing come more easily.

I think a musical on deep-time evolution, mass extinctions, climatic upheavals, the arrival of humans, and the impacts we've had/disasters we've caused would help with revision.

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