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Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Is it not strange how seasick means being sick at sea, carsick means being sick in a car, but homesick means you miss home? [I just googled the etymology of 'homesickness': 1756, translating German Heimweh, from Heim "home" (see home (n.)) + Weh "woe, pain;" the compound is from Swiss dialect, expressing a longing for the mountains, and was introduced to other European languages 17c by Swiss mercenaries.] It just makes it awkward, cos when I want to express my longing for Cambridge by saying Cambridgesick, it could potentially also be interpreted as being sick in Cambridge.

Anyway, it's another layer added on top of being homesick, only it's a fresher wound. Cos it's my 4th year abroad, and while I still do get homesick, I've always been at Cambridge, whereas now I don't even have the comforting familiarity of cambridge. And it's funny, the things that I actually miss. The pretty buildings, wonderful music, reassuring chapels, Grantchester and the river Cam, and most of all Fisher House. I think it's always on Sundays that I miss Cambridge the most.

But I guess this is just life, things, places, people flit in and out of your life, and the reel just goes on.

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