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Friday, November 13, 2015

sleepless nights.

I've had more nights having trouble going to sleep here than I've ever had before. Can't figure if it's because I'm underworked (gave up trying to keep to my 'proper bed time' of 11+/12 after a while) or because I'm having to feed myself all the time and so occasionally give myself crappy meals (like half a focaccia cos it was on sale, and yogurt cos I couldn't be bothered cooking at 8+pm), which means I'm hungry by midnight. It's really frustrating. I've been working quite hard this past week as well - it seems that week 6 is when work picks up a little more, or maybe it's just cos we joined the conservation science students on their course this week, and they get worked quite hard. A report to write up by the end of the day, and a presentation the next day, twice this week. Just annoyed that I can't sleep, despite being really tired the whole day (I was up since 7am to feed chickens). It's just frustrating that I'm tired right up to the point where I decide to go to bed, then lie there for hours just not sleeping. Really tempted to get sleeping supplements if this continues. Though I am now thinking maybe I really just need to feed myself better.

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