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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in review: a year is fairly long

I'm currently 2/3 through my trip in Italy, and in Naples now. It's quite a good place to celebrate New Year's apparently. Fireworks/fire crackers/various other explosives have been going off since the afternoon (including some yesterday), and especially since sunset at 5pm. Though crowds and loud noises aren't my thing.

Time again for reflection and resolutions. I'm quite a reflective person I think, so the end of a calendar year is just yet another opportunity for me to think about my life, and how I affect others. But also what I've done this year and what I wanna do next year. It's quite funny how time is continuous, but we break it up into days and months and years, just so we can do some stock take once in a while I guess.

I've quite enjoyed 2015. Highlights for me this year include West Highland Way, final exams, Brisbane and Silwood, cos they all marked a period of time when I learned something about myself, and grew a little more. Physical and mental limits, getting over disappointment, my interactions with others and trying to find peace within myself.

Looking back at what I wrote last year on NYE: "May 2015 be a good year for humanity, with stronger climate action and more social justice and that everyone will be kind, sensible and see the joy in life. I hope that I do get to dive more in the coming year, that I learn more programming skills (and go on adventures with R woohoo!), finally get round to picking up some trad climbing skills, be disciplined in my fitness and studies, read and pray more.", I think 2015 has kinda lived up to my expectations.

Pope Francis' Laudato Si called for environmental justice, the Paris climate talks succeeded in coming to some agreement amongst countries, and I think people are showing more kindness and humanity to each other, if only to counter the seemingly increased occurrences of terrorism. I guess with no darkness, there is no light; with no bad, there is no good.

I've not dived at all this year, but my programming skills have improved (and definitely will next year). I've done my first trad lead climb, and I hope to do more next year. Discipline is probably still lacking for me, though I think I have read and prayed more this year. Finished Guns, Germs and Steel, An Unnatural History of the Sea, A Short History of Nearly Everything and Your Inner Fish, which I was only halfway through a year ago. Also Serengeti Shall Not Die, Night Climbers of Cambridge, Tigers in Red Weather, and Call of the White: Taking the World to the South Pole (and a bunch of others I can't remember).

I'm really looking forward to 2016. Finally working on a proper research project, on a topic that I'm interested in using skills that I'm very keen on. I really hope I will learn discipline (time management) and coding skills by the end of it, and, fingers crossed, a publication too. Looking forward to more climbing (and hopefully my first 7a lead), and more experiences that give meaning to my life.

May 2016 be filled with peace and joy for you, and in the words of Pope Francis, may you come
"to live wisely, to think deeply and to love generously".
The last sunset of 2015 of the Bay of Naples.

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