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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

I've known this for a long time coming, but it never really hit me till now. As I get older, I get lazier and lamer. I realise my involvement in activities (inside and outside school) have declined to near zero and I find myself bored more often than not. Perhaps it's partly the Silwood effect, but even being in London, I scarcely find the energy to do much else apart from the bare minimum. Not that I'm even old or do anything that requires much energy. I guess it's mainly inertia. No wonder one of my ex-teachers said inertia is a sin. It's like a scientific-sounding excuse for sloth.

Woke up with my throat hurting/feeling slightly rubbish today, so stayed home mostly. Did zilch. I did bake my first ever banana cake though. It's a lot easier to cook (Asian)/bake when you're staying at places with kitchens that are already equipped for such pursuits occurring.

I guess at least I have been reading. Just started on Fellowship of the Ring.