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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Lazy Sunday afternoon.

I've known this for a long time coming, but it never really hit me till now. As I get older, I get lazier and lamer. I realise my involvement in activities (inside and outside school) have declined to near zero and I find myself bored more often than not. Perhaps it's partly the Silwood effect, but even being in London, I scarcely find the energy to do much else apart from the bare minimum. Not that I'm even old or do anything that requires much energy. I guess it's mainly inertia. No wonder one of my ex-teachers said inertia is a sin. It's like a scientific-sounding excuse for sloth.

Woke up with my throat hurting/feeling slightly rubbish today, so stayed home mostly. Did zilch. I did bake my first ever banana cake though. It's a lot easier to cook (Asian)/bake when you're staying at places with kitchens that are already equipped for such pursuits occurring.

I guess at least I have been reading. Just started on Fellowship of the Ring.


  1. "I realise my involvement in activities (inside and outside school) HAS declined to near zero.."

  2. Anonymous5:24 pm

    Dear Jocelyne,

    I think its great to cut down on activities. I did too.It affords more reflection time as to where we stand before God. And to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.
    There are so many things about Him to know, and I wish that my current self would be worthy of such knowledge.

    May we all consider things that pertain to eternity over all things temporal.

    Love His words alone. May all be well within.

    1. Hi, thanks for leaving such encouraging comments (: Though I'm not sure I've been using the extra time as well as you have been, unfortunately, but this is a good reminder.

  3. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Dear Jocelyne,

    It's true that I'm making better use of my time now than before... but it's also true that I was very disobedient to Him in the past.

    I had decided to take time off after studies to stop everything and reflect. And by God's grace and mercy, He allowed me clarity to see the ways which I had sinned.
    When I repented truthfully, God gave me understanding ( its still work in progress :-)). I understand His words better. Its different from what I've previously known and have been taught. I think I finally understand " salvation is nearer than when you first believed."

    You wrote of pain when you thought of the afflictions experienced by others. Many may call it negative or dark to reflect on these mattes, but truthfully, I think it is being sober. The sight of cemeteries makes me think of my end, about eternity.

    Having experienced such goodness after commiting to God, I too hope that you will abound in the knowledge of God above all else. It is then that we have an anchor for our souls and not be torn by our emotions : Our hearts rest knowing that despite what appears to be inequality or pain, God is the most righteous judge . He is a heart knowing God and has foreknowledge of everything (yet it never stops him from giving everyone chances to repent).

    I came across a reading that when apostle wept for the souls tormented in Hades, the angel told him that none can be more merciful and long suffering than God.
    ... What we then fear is humanity's evil from which punishments must come.

    May you seek Him above all else and find your rest therein.

    Take care