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Monday, February 22, 2016

Update on life now.

Genuinely what I'm feeling. When I graduated from RJ six years ago, never thought I would be doing lots of computing stuff. Gradually became a nerd I guess, going for coding courses and choosing to do modelling projects. Honestly though, when I decided I wanted to go down the ecology/natural history route, I thought I'd be doing lots of fieldwork, looking at plants and animals, and spending time outdoors. Not lots of coding, head-bashing and help-Googling, looking at a screen, and spending time on GIS StackExchange and StackOverflow. 

I've just about got the hang of R, and thought I should pick up Python last Summer. Tried to teach myself a bit, but I'm terrible at learning on my own, and now I'm dropped in the deep end cos I have to use it for my project. My emotions are tied to the output on the console now. 

I remember being very awed when I visited the computer tech guy in the Earth Sciences department in my second year at Cambridge, cos he was using command-line interface to execute everything on his computer. Now, terminal is almost always open on my MacBook Pro cos there are times when it's just easier to use command lines. 

What am I doing with my life even. Not saying that everything's gone wrong in my life, cos I definitely consciously chose this (looking forward to being able to finally say, I am fairly proficient in R and Python and GIS), but I definitely didn't expect this six years ago.

Photo credits: Original meme, coder in distress photo from Flickr user Peter Alfred Hess.

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