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Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I've always been a bit of an escapist, which is why I read (fiction especially). The past week and a bit, I've been in a real low, which I would like to attribute to it being weeks 9 and 10 (and I'm used to 8 week terms). Was getting rather frustrated over trying to work some stuff out in my project, and I really wanted a break and to get outdoors. Visited some friends in Oxford over the weekend, which was quite nice and made me more cheerful for a while, but it didn't last long. Even watching the awesome films at the Banff Mountain Film Festival yesterday provided just temporary reprieve from the foul mood that had settled over me (in that my default expression was resting bitch face, and I was tending towards more negative thoughts, though if you talked to me, you probably couldn't tell anything was different).

In this dark mood, my sensitivities towards humanity/human nature/living are heightened, and I find myself feeling miserable for all the inequalities that exist, especially how much one's life is determined just purely on where one is born, to the point that I wish I could just escape all my emotions. Went for a wander around Brompton cemetery this morning with a friend who was doing coursework on it, and instead of elevating my mood as I had hoped, I found myself on the verge of tears for all the lives lost during the wars, especially of the lost years of living for the youths.

Escapism however, can always be found in the world of Harry Potter. I had read the books (in a continuous loop) when I was younger, and even ventured into fan fiction for a while (stopped myself cos it would have taken over my life). After 3+ years in the UK, I finally went for the Warner Bros. Studio Tours in Leavesden (Zone 9 of London). And though it was really expensive (£35), it was really really good. Cheered me up immensely.

The entrance. We had a 4pm entrance ticket, which was pretty good timing

Amazing Hogwarts model!

Seriously amazing, the amount of effort and detail that went into making the film.

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