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Thursday, June 23, 2016

In or Out.

Today the UK holds its third referendum - whether to remain in the EU, or to leave. There's been much hype about it over the past few months, especially in the last few weeks. And because Brits once claimed Singapore as their own, as a current resident in their country now, I get to vote too. It's (probably) going to be my last vote here in the UK, and it's such an important vote too. Most people usually hope that their vote wins, but I'm usually not too fussed about the results - after all, politicians come and go, parties stay in power for a term of four or five years, not that much changes. This time though, I really really hope the UK votes to remain. As do most people of my demographic. Can't really be bothered going into detail about UK politics. I'm just rather pleased about being able to exercise my postcolonial rights.

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