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Friday, June 24, 2016

This world we live in.

I've always been rather pleased I ended up doing my undergraduate degree in the UK than the US. Every time reports of mass shootings and ridiculous politics in the US filtered through my newsfeed, it made me glad I was in a country which seemed rather more sensible. Where the people I met in the countryside (when I went for hikes/field trips) were so nice and welcoming, rather than backward and xenophobic. No longer, I guess.

I always thought I was quite moderate in my views, quite in tandem with most people. Only on my Facebook/Twitter I guess; nothing I ever voted for won, my views clearly don't reflect the majority.

It's honestly quite scary and alarming to be living in this world, where people can inflict so much pain and suffering and misery on others, whether directly or indirectly, individually or en masse. Maybe I've just been reading too many negative news articles - child abuse, sexual assaults, discrimination against LGBT+/the mentally ill, racist or xenophobic comments. Coral bleaching, deforestation, murders of environmental activists, wildlife abuse.

None of it is new, or exclusive to this age we live in. People being horrible to each other and to the environment have been going on since the emergence of human kind. We have progressed since then, with the outlaw of slavery, the improvement of human and animal rights. Still though, we'll never get rid of xenophobia will we. There'll always be an 'us' vs 'them', 'fellow countrymen' vs 'outsiders'/'foreigners'/'aliens'. Cos we all want to feel like we belong somewhere, something exclusive and private. 'Global citizens', 'the world is my oyster', 'the world is my home' etc, they're just catch phrases for a small group of (usually privileged) individuals who are able to move around, or perhaps cannot settle down.

I need to surround myself with more positivity and hope. Happy fluffy animals, cute chubby kids, and (seemingly rare) acts of kindness and love are about all that make me smile now.

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