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Monday, June 13, 2016

ups and downs; bits and bobs.

Too many shootings and rapes/sexual assaults recently. Then again, it happens all the time, everywhere, usually unnoticed. And war, and terrorist attacks, and all sorts of human unhappiness and misery. It is overwhelming, and I often feel reduced to despair after reading articles like this. I simply cannot understand how the human capacity to love and empathise comes with the human capacity to hate and cause such destruction and suffering. (Well I do get it, that 'only in darkness does light shine'. But still.)

And it's not human destruction, but environmental destruction too.

My project is on deforestation, but I spend hours just sitting at my desk, reading up on (spatial) statistical models, their differences and assumptions. And I feel like I'm not doing enough, I'm not doing anything. And I think, maybe I should. Maybe a PhD isn't for me, maybe I should go join Greenpeace or some other activist group.

I've asked some friends about their experience doing PhDs, and one of them warned about depression. And I can see why; thoughts can run so wild, and emotions are so difficult to control.

Anyway, some photos of when I'm not project-ing.
Cecil Street, near Leicester Square, with lots of antique bookshops
One nice sunny day and everyone's out, at Gordon Square Garden opposite UCL

Field of poppies in Silwood Park :) 
Not too bad an attempt at a leopard?
Not too bad an attempt at a golden-headed lion tamarin?

Blanching vegetables to freeze them so they keep longer
Courgette pesto pasta bake
Attempt at 铁板豆腐 (hotplate tofu), using Quorn mince
Sushi :) Found inari at Japan Centre. With tamagoyaki, avocado, and cucumber filling

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