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Monday, July 18, 2016

extraordinary day.

Most days just pass by pretty averagely, not different from any other, no different throughout the entire day. Today though, was pretty awesome, awesome enough for me to deem worthy of a blog entry. I rolled out of my bed rather reluctantly, 2 hours after my first alarm rang, feeling completely unmotivated to get out of bed. I was in a very bored mood over the weekend, feeling slightly confined in Silwood, with no one to go climb with or doing anything much with (cos people were away, or catching Pokemon, or doing work). And I thought that mood might last the week. But because today was spectacularly warm, going up to 29/30˚C, I tried to work outside. Does not work. Was too hot for me to concentrate or think properly, and the glare from the screen, and the overheating of laptop all conspired against working. Also, more people are back on campus.

So I just lay about getting nicely burnt to a crisp (did put sunblock on my face, cos I could hear my mum nagging at the back of my head), played frisbee, had a late lunch, then an affogato in the one and only coffeeshop nearby, rolled around a bit more in the shade, did some slack lining, tried to do some R, gave up and went to play more frisbee, climbed some trees, contemplated tackling the manor house, climbed more trees, played more frisbee involving rolling around the grass, and then hung upside down on the pull-up bars because I can. My mood by the end of the day was a stark contrast to that when I woke up. Which I guess deserves to be called an extraordinary day.

And because the weather is so nice, despite the midges, it's back to sleeping out (:

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