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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Patriotic tears.

I'll confess I didn't stay up (to 2+am in BST) to watch the Olympic 100m butterfly race that made history. I woke up this morning and, as I always do, checked Facebook. It made me get up in a hurry and compulsively trawl the internet for every bit of news about that race, about all the Singaporean reactions to the fact that Joseph Schooling not only won the first Olympic gold for our country, but also set an Olympic record and beat Michael Phelps. I fervently wished I had stayed up, and as I watched a recording of the race and devoured all the news about the event, I was literally in tears. I so wish I were home, cos no one here can understand the feeling. When I told some of my friends, they (n=2) said 'oh I thought Michael Phelps was British'.

Super proud and happy, it lifted my mood a little and I felt like I could spare some time baking some cookies. Gula melaka cookies because I wanted it to be something to do with home.

I wish I had some of Schooling's determination and drive to succeed. Coming to the end of my master's, and being at crunch time now, I am questioning my ability to do science, my life choices (maybe I shouldn't have given up competitive climbing to study for A levels 6 years ago), my compatibility with the career I'm intending to enter (maybe I'm just not suited for academia). But anyway, this post wasn't supposed to be about me, but about Joseph Schooling, who has managed to achieve what no other Singaporean as, and has dared to dream when most of us would have shut it down for practicality's sake.

Rooting for the personal success of all the other Team Singapore athletes too, whether they bring back medals or not.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Happy 51st Singapore

I'm a day late, but all the days just run into each other when you have one massive deadline looming ahead of you (1 September, fyi). No time or brain power to spare to wax lyrical reflections about the relationship between my home town and myself. I do miss home, I miss my family, I miss the food, I love Singlish, and there are things from home that I find endearingly funny but which I know my friends here would never get. But there are other things that I don't miss, and as of this point in time, I still don't know when I'll be back. Anyway, just wanted to say that (some of) these cheesy NDP theme songs are quite suitable as motivational soundtracks for dissertation thesis write-up madness.

Update 10.25pm: I forgot to add that though I was rather tired from taking the overnight coach from Brussels back to London, arriving at 7.30am, then going into UCL to meet my supervisor, then meeting my aunt/uncle for lunch in Chinatown, before going back to Silwood, I did manage to rustle something Singaporean up.
Ondeh-ondeh :) 
Looks horribly messy, partly cos I was too tired to do make it decent-looking, partly cos I added slightly too much water to the dough so it was rather soft and leaked more than usual. But without a doubt, this is probably the dish I'm probably most pleased about having learnt. I don't know if that sentence was grammatically correct, and I'm too tired from reading and writing the whole day to care anymore.