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Friday, October 07, 2016

Finally an update.

It's been well over a month - almost two in fact - since I last blogged. So much was (and is) going on that I've been finding it hard to just take some time out on my own to contemplate and update. I had intended to blog about my short visit home for my older brother's wedding ceremony, and about British children literature (cos it was some Roald Dahl anniversary a while ago) and how it had influenced me. I've also been thinking of revamping my blogs - getting a domain name and merging the personal and nature/outdoor blogs into one. We'll see though.

So I've finally finished my Master's thesis, submitted it, completed the viva (oral defence), got my results (wasn't disappointed with it, unlike for my undergrad..), and cleared out of campus. A whole year gone by. I went back to Singapore for a week in between doing all that (actually right before submission) for kor's wedding, met lots of relatives I hadn't met in 4 years, and worked on my thesis. Then a lot of packing, camping, getting back into climbing, and now road-tripping through France to South of Spain. With more climbing (in Fontainebleau at the moment!). All the while trying to apply for PhDs. And soon, an epic two month hike through Patagonia. During which I'm sure I'll have plenty of down time to sort myself out. A blog dedicated to the trip and updates should follow at some point, when I get round to it...

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