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Friday, November 11, 2016

This world we live in - Part II.

As many memes out there on the interwebs suggest, 2016 has been a seemingly terrible year for humanity and many people everywhere would like to hit the restart button. The American elections results which came in on the day I landed in Santiago, Chile (the whole election was done while I was in the air, in no man's land, uncaring of the going-ons of the world below me) was highly divisive, like Brexit results a few months ago. People are arguing about the results, and again like many other social issues people are arguing about the appropriate response to the results (whether being silent is condoning Trump and his ideologies, or how we should just accept what the people have decided they want or how we should all move on and realise humanity is bigger than this and Trump alone won't kill the USA/world etc.)

Yeah, this world we live in has many flaws. And I suppose it might seem to have taken a few huge steps backwards this year. But I think not. I think we can never really know how anything might turn out, and predicting the future is a tricky business. There are many little triumphs that have been scored on humanitarian and environmental fronts. And Planet Earth II came out, though I have yet to watch it.

It's not so much focusing on the good news and not being despondent about the future just because two major countries had elections in which the outcome seemed to favour backward regression on the humanitarian and environmental fronts. I think we should all try and live better, more thoughtfully, with more courage and kindness (something that stuck with me from watching Disney's 2015 remake of Cinderella), and hopefully with everyone doing that, the world will become a better place. Hope's the only thing that can keep us going.
"There can be miracles/When you believe/Though hope is frail/It's hard to kill" - When You Believe (Prince of Egypt)

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