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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Travelling with the parents.

Most young adults don't relish the prospect of travelling with their parents. It appears to be something that every young adult dreads once he/she reaches a certain age. But I suppose I have just been very blessed to have parents whom I enjoy travelling with, parents who have been able to travel out to meet me (in various parts of the world) and make my parting from home less severe.

Sure, there is always having to learn again how to get used to them taking 2 hours to get ready to leave the house, the need to boil water to drink even with potable tap water, and endless photo-taking. But that doesn't make for terrible travel companions, it just requires adjustment on my part. And I always get awesome food in exchange.

I'm glad my parents travel like me; or perhaps that I've learnt to travel like them. Budget travel, tho they are more willing to spend than me, and shop more than me. Happy to just wander and walk around cities without specific places to visit.

I get my travel bug from them probably. And my more easy going nature. And budget travel tendencies. And I'm glad they've always been supportive of my travels even when it worries them endlessly.

Best parents ever, who always pack 20kg of food to meet me and cook for me :)

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