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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 - A more exciting year than average.

Note: this is a scheduled post, cos I am right now somewhere on this hike. This post was actually written in mid Nov, before I left wifi.

I don't really feel like I'm in that end-of-year reflective nostalgic mood yet, partly cos it is mid Nov right now and I'm about to start an adventure (so the contents might not quite match up to the title). But because I will be out of contact for a few months, especially Christmas and New Year and Chinese New Year, I feel compelled to at least schedule something to come out, in keeping with my blogging tradition of the past few years.

So I finished a masters this year, completed a research project that had been rather exciting (and learnt a lot of R coding and some Python along the way), did my first multi-pitch climb, red-pointed a couple of 7as in the climbing gyms, and had quite a bit of ups and downs over the year. This blog has been fairly dismal to be honest, this past year. But wells, such is life I guess. Ending the year on an adventure though, is probably a high that I cannot yet talk about.

On a less personal level, it's been a crazy year, with Brexit and Trump. How the world will be when I come back to wifi and the Internet, only time will tell.

I will probably have more to write about after I've had my own thoughts to ruminate on for 67 days. And I am looking forward to 2017, with all its uncertainties and unknowns. If anyone's got a job opportunity, drop me a message please, I'm not part of the unemployed ;)

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