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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Back in mainstream society.

After about two months of wandering down Chile and up Argentina, I'm back in a place with 24/7 wifi, fully stocked supermarkets at reasonable prices, a well-equiped gas-fueled stove kitchen, a bed, hot showers with shampoo/soap, and general shops where many things can be bought. It doesn't take long to get used to being back in a city/civilisation. Still, the demands of having to check/clear emails, reply those that require attention, responding to people who have messaged while I was out of contact, and most of all, trying to apply for a PhD and a job are quite overwhelming.

The expedition to Patagonia has been a fairly long and interesting one, and it'll take me a while to fully cover the expedition on my blog. One thing that I've decided to keep on from the expedition is my lack of use of Facebook. I won't be deleting my account - it's too vital now for communication - but I've decided to stop browsing Facebook timeline and while I'll still be posting on it (usually from Twitter or my blog), I've deleted the app on my phone and will (try to) refrain from going on the website on my laptop. I realised looking through random animal videos and various other things people post on Facebook adds fairly little to my well-being. Though I guess that might mean missing out on videos/articles that are actually worth perusing.

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