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Thursday, February 02, 2017

The final post.

It's been almost 3 months since I first entered this country, this strange long, narrow strip of land and sea on the South American continent. It'S the longest I've ever spent in a foreign country travelling, and though our trip was predominantly to Patagonia which includes Argentina, we did spend the bulk of our time in Chile. It's an amazing country, with wonderful landscapes and friendly people, one that I would like to come back to some other time. It's also a strange country - the cuisine doesn't warrant much shouting about, entailing lots of chips, various cuts of meat, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, and hotdogs, the language is one-of-a-kind (even spaniards don't always get it), and it's got a contrasting feel of being both a developed and a developing country at the same time. Almost all shops accept card, the Metro in Santiago (the capital) works really well, it's got a bustling economy, and things generally function. On the other hand, there are lots of street vendors and tours, even from the moment you land at the airport (airport taxi tourts, which is always the most expensive way of getting to/fro the airport). This trip isn't just about visiting Chile/Argentina though, unlike most of my travels. My friends and I obtained a grant from Imperial College London exploration Board, Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust, and a partial discount from Snow+Rock to embark on this expedition, the Greater Patagonian Trail.

There had been a fair amount of self development over the course of the expedition; understanding my physical limits, exploring my mental strength/comfort zones, figuring out how I fare when interacting in a group under stressful/prolonged situations, etc. More about the expedition can be found here.

After the expedition ended in mid Jan, a few weeks ahead of what we had planned, most of my time was spent in santiago trying to sort the rest of my life out. Among other things, I've decided to cease blogging on this site, after 10 years. Not gonna delete it, will just leave it as it is, as a memory of my ramblings about life from age 14 to 24.

(Would put a photo here but wifi won't work for my laptop and blogging from my phone on blogger is shite.)

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